3 things...

...that I'm really loving right now:

1. Daisy is starting to use her imagination. I love watching her learn and grow everyday.

My favorite thing she has been doing lately is pretending. I got this phone from my mama. It was her old phone, and I thought I might be able to use it since I was down-grading from my smart phone to just a plain old cell phone again (probably one of the best decisions for so many reasons, but that's another post for another day). Anyway, it turns out that I couldn't find the charger to this phone so it ended up just sitting in a drawer for a while, until I realized someone could get some use out of it.

Daisy always loves playing with my cell phone, so I thought maybe she could play with this one. She loves it! She always pretends like she is talking on the phone, babbling away to some imaginary person on the other end. It's one of my favorite things to see. She started propping up the phone with her shoulder recently. I don't know where she has seen this. I think Johnathan does this a lot, since he is always doing something with his hands while talking on the phone. Wherever she picked it up, I'm loving it! She is so much fun!

2. Call me a nerd, but I am falling in love with these movies all over again! I have been bugging Johnathan to have a LotR marathon with me, and finally this week we started it. We started Sunday night and are still working on them, watching a little at a time every night (they are looong movies). We are preparing ourselves for a date night Saturday night to see The Hobbit.

We were talking to some friends about our marathon last night at Church, and we were called "d-orcs" (hmmm....who's the real nerd here??). Anyway, we are almost finished with Return of the King and honestly, I'm kind of sad. It's been a fun ritual, plus we've been getting some good cuddle time in. :) Next up, Harry Potter marathon!! Gotta keep this going.

3. This picture. Be still my heart. This was taken at Christopher and Mary Margaret's wedding. I absolutely love it. This one is going to need to be framed for sure.

Hope you all are having a great beginning to this New Year!


  1. Anytime you want to do another LotR marathon...we'll come! D and I love those movies! Got to see the Hobbit last Friday and it is great too!

  2. We will definitely let you guys know the next time we have a marathon! :) Can't wait to see The Hobbit.