Window Seat

We have now been in our home for six months, and I feel like we haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg on making it our own. In fact, the only room that we have really worked on is Daisy's (it's almost finished!). It takes a lot of time and money to make a space your own, and we have a pretty-good-sized space to work with.

Our goal this year is to get all of the rooms painted the color we want them because we are really, really, really hoping that by next year we can afford the hardwood floors of our dreams, and we want to be completely painted and ready to go when that project comes up.

So little by little, day by day, paycheck by paycheck we try to do small things here and there to make it more ours.

Our next room will be the front living room/sitting room. We have lots of hopes and dreams for this room. FYI, this was the room that sold me the house. It has a giant window, which is something I wanted in my home. I LOVE sunlight!

Our plan is to paint it dark gray. We feel like this is a safe move considering two things: gray is a good neutral color, and this room gets plenty of sunshine, so the color shouldn't feel too dark and depressing.

We have been trying to come up with plans for furniture. Besides our piano, this room is virtually empty. The plan was to buy a love seat and two chairs.

Furniture is expensive as I have found on this journey of home ownership.

Now on to the purpose of this post and the title. Yesterday, I was searching the web for some chairs. We were pretty much sold on the love seat we wanted to get for the room, but we didn't have chairs to match. As I looked (and found some chairs at Target), I came across a blog (totally unrelated to my quest for chairs). The girl fancied herself a minimalist decorator, and I really liked her style. No big, bulky furniture. Lots of white space. It was a fresh, clean look.

So I started questioning the idea of a love seat at all. I knew we couldn't have a big plain wall with nothing on it, but I was afraid a love seat might be a little too much, especially considering it was on the wall closest to the already bulky piano. The wheels in my mind were turning, and it hit me.

Before I reveal what hit me, a little back story: Johnathan's parents are in the process of moving. Johnathan and I had our eye on a bench they kept in their mudroom, and when we moved into our house, it moved in with us.

So back to what hit me. I have always wanted a window seat since Dorothy Jane Torkelson talked to the Man in the Moon. They seem like such a comfy little space to have. So I decided to make one. Of course my dream is to have a built in window seat some day (as mentioned in a recent post), but for the time being I love, love, love this!

The bench is the perfect height and size for a nice little window seat.

I'm thinking of maybe adding a cushion?? Who knows. (Oh, and for those wondering, this is not the large window I was raving about. That window is on the other wall where the chairs will go. :))

I can't wait to start painting so I can start sharing our space. I realize I haven't shared a lot of home photos and it's mostly because there isn't a lot to share...yet! :)

Stay tuned.


  1. When it comes to buying furniture, we have bought all of our furniture at Akins Furniture in Dogtown. They will deliver to your area as well. We did a lot of comparison shopping and no one could beat their prices! I got a beautiful queen-size bed, dresser and night stand for $600. If you decide to visit them (they're outside Fort Payne), ask for Peggy. She was amazing to work with.

  2. The Torkelsons.....oh yeah
    From Dana