Nursery Art

With these five simple supplies I have created some of the most amazing nursery art....EVER!
(For very little $, I might add.)

-frames: Ikea, six at $3.99 a piece. A real steal!!
-paper doll book: Christmas gift from Lolly and Pops
-scrapbook paper: JoAnn, ten sheets, .33 a piece
-scissors and tape

Eeek! Can't wait to show you the final results. :)

I gotta say, when I added the paper doll book on Daisy's Amazon wishlist my intentions were for her to eventually play with them, not use them as art. I did make sure to carefully tape (not glue) the pictures in place so maybe some day, when (if) we get tired of this display she can get some fun out of them...or we can just get her a new book. :)

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