Life Update and Pictures

Wow, wow, wowwowwow wee.

Life. Is. Crazy. (but oh, so good right now!)

I got a job. I'll be starting next week as a half-day clerk at an elementary school. I can't tell you how excited I am because finally I won't have to worry about not having my weekends off or my evenings to spend with my two lovies.

I get off at 11:00 AM every day, so let's see. A job where I get to basically still live my dream as a stay-at-home wife/mommy? Yes please!

With my degree in early childhood education, it's also the perfect opportunity to get my foot in the door. Coming from someone who has had their degree for two years and basically hasn't used it, this is huge.

Daisy is 16 months old now, and still isn't walking on her own (which is okay!). She has recently started walking only holding one of our hands though, and that's pretty huge. At her 15-month checkup, her doctor told us if she isn't walking on her own by 18 months, he will probably put her in physical therapy, but he said until then, don't worry about it. I'm hoping she will be on her own in no time!

We are in the process of buying a new car. We took my car to the shop this past weekend, and the guy called Johnathan on Monday and said we basically should just buy a new car. So, with me starting my new job next week, we are kind of on a tight schedule. We think we found the one we want, though. It's exciting, but scary. Like buying a house, but on a much smaller scale. Just part of life I guess.

I think that sums up most of what has been going on around here. Now without further ado, and as the title promised, pictures.

Yes, my child looks like him. Yes, that makes me happy.

Who is this gorgeous girl, and where is my baby????

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