When Disaster Strikes....Twice

So, yeah. This is our basement, and that is water... lots of it too.

Arrested Development style.

Our basement flooded.


In one weekend.

Talk about stress. I'm a high strung kinda gal, but I feel like I handled this pretty well. I didn't cry once. Not even after it happened the second time.

Our washing machine is located in our basement, and it is kind of on the fritz right now. We fixed the problem thanks to Johnathan's amazingly talented dad, but we keep a very, VERY close watch (on this heart of mine....) on our washer. Hopefully, someday, when we are rich and famous, we can afford a new one.

The Culprit
Luckily, it doesn't look like this now. With help from a good friend (Lincoln, I'm talking about you), we finally got all of the standing water out of our basement on Saturday. A few books and keepsakes perished in the flood (moment of silence), but with a couple of spray bottles of bleach, muscles, and brooms we are recovering.

P.S. I had to add this because it is just too sweet. We received a card from Johnathan's sister Sarah this week. She sent us a smile and a hug from Montgomery. It's really nice getting something like this when you are kind of having a crummy time. Thanks Sarah (and Brooks too!)

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