I remember when I was little I loved to be outside. Where I grew up, we were surrounded by woods and pastures. The road we lived on was dirt until they paved it when I was 11. Needless to say, I lived in the boondocks, so playing outside was always the best form of entertainment. So much to explore!

Plus, my mother is one of five children, and we grew up in a small family compound so there were always lots of cousins to play with.

It was a good childhood.

Daisy has the same love for the outdoors that I did when I was little (and her daddy too!). She doesn't care what the weather is; she always wants to be outside.

I love taking her on nature walks like these, and I am trying to get better about doing it on a more regular basis. Where we live now, the road is busy and the houses on both sides are pretty close. Clearly, not something that I am used to...but, we are blessed with a nice yard, and I am trying to get better about using it.

I read a quote recently that said, "Today is the childhood our kids will remember."

I try to remind myself of that on a daily basis.

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