Baby Crafts

Just wanted to share a few photos with you all before I go to bed. Johnathan and I have been getting more and more excited as Daisy's due date creeps closer. We started creating simple, little crafts for her some-day room.

Very simple. Some scrapbook paper, a stamp, brown paper bag, and a frame. Done....cept I think I am going to add stitches with maybe a red thread once I have my sewing machine here. Also, maybe a little daisy in the corner of the brown paper?? Not the finished product,but close enough. :)

These are going to be book ends. Again, this is also not the finished product by any means, but I thought I would share. Johnathan drew the skunk and fox and cut them out by hand using a band saw. He is going to sand and paint and add the scrapbook paper shown behind them. I love my crafty husband. He inspires me! :)

On another note, she already has more clothes than her daddy, and she isn't even here yet!!

That's all for now. Doctor tomorrow. Night night. :)

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