Lots of Good Things.

So based on the title of this post, I can tell you that a lot of good things are happening around here!

For starters, I got to eat on this chocolate chip pie all week for a day-and-a-half (that is how long it took me to devour it). My mama made it especially for me, and it is because of this pie I am having a hard time losing the rest of my baby weight.

On another note, God sure does send us big blessings, and it always seems to be when we least expect it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been on the house hunt for some time now. When this journey first started, I was giddy to start looking at different houses. I had this perfect scenario that would play out in my head. First of all, there would be a nice selection of houses in our price range in perfect condition. Ha. I laugh at myself now when I think how silly and naive I was. Second, we would walk into THE house and everything would be exactly how we like it, the rooms would be the perfect size, the price would be just right. We put an offer on the house and within hours are told the offer has been accepted; we move in within 30 days with no problems, and we have our happy home ready for company within a month or two.

I know most of you home owners out there are probably laughing at this point.

Over the past few months I have learned house hunting does NOT play out like this. At least for us.

We have been looking for houses in the city of Woodstock. It is a nice, safe city. It gives me a small town feel which I love, but it still isn't too far from the big city which Johnathan loves.

To make a long story short, we have put offers on three different houses and been out bid each time! Apparently a lot of other people love Woodstock too. It got to a point where I was over it. I hated house hunting. It was becoming a chore for me.

Well, last weekend we looked at a house in Canton (a neighboring city to Woodstock). You remember that scenario I was talking about earlier?? Well it happened....part of it anyway. It was THE house! I felt it; Johnathan felt it; and I think even Daisy felt it (she gave the house a big poop of approval). \

It was the perfect price and not a whole lot of work needed to be done. In fact, the only work that seemed to be needed was just painting some walls, and that was just out of preference! We talked about it for about two seconds and decided to put an offer on it.

We were both really feeling it. I was positive this was the one. We met with our realtors, signed some stuff, and submitted our offer on Monday.

We received a call from our realtors later that day telling us the seller didn't accept our offer because someone else had put in an offer larger than ours.


Of course we were both bummed out. We thought it was for real this time, but we didn't let it get us down because we knew God was going to bless us with what we needed when we needed it. We thought it was all over, and we were preparing ourselves to continue our search until Tuesday when Johnathan received an e-mail from our realtors saying the house was up for highest and best offer. WHAT?? He called me, we talked, and decided to raise our offer $5,000. He contacted our realtors, and they agreed to put in the offer.

Okay. Here is where it gets awesome! Prepare yourself.

So, the offer had to be submitted by noon on Wednesday. Our realtor submitted our offer at 10:00 AM Wednesday morning, but apparently the offer didn't go through before noon so it was rejected. However, our original offer ($5,000 less) was still in the system, and it just so happened to be the highest and best!

WHAT??? I know!! Crazy, right!?

We got the call yesterday evening and we have been ecstatic! Now, it isn't set in stone just yet. We were given a counter offer. They will have an inspection done on the house, and if anything needs to be fixed, we have to have it repaired before we can move in. If it is anything too crazy, we may have to walk away. This is where I ask for your prayers. Please pray that we have no issues and we can proceed with this house. It may be to soon to get too excited, but I had to get it off my chest!

Please pray this works out and we can get into a place big enough for our little family. :)


  1. Yay For good things!! Isn't it amazing how things work out?!

  2. 1. Congrats- prayers coming it goes thru!
    2. Our house hunting adventure wasn't too bad, closing costed more than we thought, but other than that it was easy. We were buying a forclosure that was on the market for over a year so that helped a bit in our favor. BUT you are right, we are given what we need when we need it. ;)