Happy Tuesday everyone!

This little girl had her 6 month check up yesterday, and of course with that comes her last round of baby shots! Yay!

We were told she would probably be grouchy and groggy all day, but not this little girl. She slept if off and was her old happy self again by 2 PM.

In fact, I captured some really awesome pics of the two of us yesterday. I made them black and white for effect. Enjoy!
I call this one "Voldemort/He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named/You-Know-Who/The Dark Lord"
This one is "California Dreamin'"
"I Love You"
and last, but certainly not least, I call this "Voldemort (from the first Harry Potter movie when he is on the back of  Professor Quirrell's head)
Hope you are all having a wonderful morning! I have been watching "Baby Signing Time" with a happy baby this morning, so needless to say our morning has been fantastic!

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  1. The captions from pictures 2 and 5 had me choking on my coffee trying to stifle my laughter.

    She is so sweet.