Picture Post

What's up internet land?

It has been far too long and there is too much to say, so I'm going to let pictures do the talkin' today.
 Sit back, relax, and enjoy. Here we go.

Daisy is 6 months old! Half way to a year. Hooray!!

We took Daisy swimming for the first time Memorial Day weekend at my parents house. The next few photos are her first moments in the pool.
Pops and Daisy

She didn't like it! I could not believe it because she loves water and taking baths. I think the water was a little to cold for her...

Have I mentioned how adorable my daughter is?? There are some days (every day) where I am completely beside myself because her cuteness is too much to handle.
I mean, seriously! Just look at her.

Daisy absolutely loves animals, especially dogs, which makes me very happy. I wanted to expose her to dogs early so she wouldn't be a wimpy kid around them later. I have always been an animal lover and I think Daisy is going to be the same way. :)
Daisy loves this baby doll. It is just her size. She can hold it and stick it in her mouth, which are pretty much her two favorite things to do with anything right now.
This kid absolutely LOVES her daddy! The minute he walks through the door every evening she gets a smile on her face that is about a mile wide. I love that she loves him and thinks he is the greatest, cause I do too!
My favorite moments in life are when I have these two around.
Daisy loves music. It's in her genes.
This past weekend we went to a Farm Day with Johnathan's company. It was pretty awesome. There was a petting zoo, hay ride, arts and crafts, and food! Daisy loved it!

So that about sums up the past month. Daisy is at such a fun stage right now and learning something new everyday! Life is so good and we are counting our blessings daily.

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  1. Just LOVE all the pictures! Thank you for sharing all the precious poses of Little Miss...she is a DOLL!!!