The Nursery

I mentioned here that when we move into our new home my first project is going to be the nursery.
I can't begin to tell you how badly I wanted/still want to decorate a nursery. I daydream about it literally everyday. I'm a little obsessed. I know how amazing Daisy's room is going to be. I can picture it in my head and it is pretty fantastic! Of course once we get moved in I am going to update on the house makeover. I'll show before and after pictures, little details, etc. I tell Johnathan one of my goals in life is to have our home featured in Better Homes and Garden. It will happen.
I was a little hesitant to share my ideas for Daisy's nursery because I wanted it to be an awesome surprise when I finally posted pictures, but I figure I could give all of my readers something to look forward to. ;)
Picture this, the plan is to paint Daisy's room a light aqua blue. Maybe something like this.
The wall that her crib will go on will be covered in wall paper, the accent wall. I found the perfect wall paper on Lowe's website.

How cool is this wall paper!! And, it's super cheap comparatively speaking. You can find this wall paper here.

Also, we currently don't have a rocking chair because, honestly, we have no room in our itty bitty apartment, but the plan it to buy one for the new house. I found the perfect one at Ikea. I actually saw it in stores first and then found it online.
rocker link

It is going to look great with the wall paper and wall color. This rocker has kind of the color scheme we are going for.
Just thought I would share and get you all as excited as I am for the nursery! Yay for babies and their super cool bedrooms. :)

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