DIY Bookends

Do you remember these guys?

They were the beginning of bookends that Johnathan made for Daisy.

He found a picture of a skunk and a fox online, and printed them out. We bought the wood, and he drew the outlines and cut them out using a band saw.

I picked out the scrapbook paper that would be used to cover the two. My contribution. :)

This is how they turned out.

We painted all the pieces with paint we had on hand. Johnathan cut the general shape of the animals out of the scrapbook paper. Using Modge Podge, we glued the paper onto each animal. Johnathan burned the edges and sanded them both to give them their "worn" look.

If you notice, we also used paper for some clouds and the sun. I free-handed those. My second contribution. :)

I'm thrilled with the way they turned out!

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