our super busy, but super awesome weekend

What a way to start the week. I just love a good, rainy day. It's so comforting to me. Waking up to the sound of rain on your roof, making a nice pot of coffee, and sitting down to write a blog post. Really the only thing that could make this day any better would be if Johnathan were here to share it with me.

I took lots of pictures this weekend. I really didn't think I would end up with so many that I liked, but I did, so I'll share.

Friday night, Johnathan and I met up with some friends from college. Lincoln and Anna recently moved from Montgomery to Woodstock, and it certainly has been a treat. Johnathan and Lincoln were in a band together our freshman year, and Anna and I were in the same social club; although, we really didn't hang out much at school, I have really enjoyed getting to know her better since they moved here. Oh, and it just so happens they have a baby girl too. Her name is Piper. Piper and Daisy. Yep. They will be friends for sure. They both have awesome names.

There was lots of Christmasy goodness happening downtown Friday night, so we met up there for some dinner.

While we were eating, we were also serenaded by Carolers. It was pretty grand.
I almost cropped this picture, but I just loved everything about it too much. :)
Have I ever mentioned that Daisy loves animals? Well she does! Have I also mentioned that apparently there were llamas in the stable where Jesus was born?
The rest of our weekend consisted of caroling with our youth group (love those kids!), an ornament swap with the ladies at Church, worship service, and an area wide youth devotion. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of any of these events. I'm getting better about taking my camera with me everywhere, but I'm no pro at it yet.

We also got to spend a lot of family time together which is always good.

My job this week. I've got to rake up all the leaves so we can burn them this Saturday. So ready to see the grass again.

Nature's confetti.

Currently reading. I love short story collections. Add them to my list of things that make me warm and fuzzy inside.

It starts.

Our other daughter.

Currently listening to.
Happy Monday y'all!

Edit:: After posting this, I checked my phone to find a text from my sweet love that said, "It is pouring. I wish I were spending this rainy day with you. I love you so very much."

We really are one person. :)

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