snapshot project

So I've really been into photographing everyday life around here lately, and from that I've completely been inspired to start a lil' project. I'm going to start trying to post snapshots from our daily lives weekly. Now we know how I am about projects (see my "22" days of Thanksgiving project...or not?), but I really think this is something I can keep up with. If I'm already photographing everyday life anyway this should be pretty simple. Plus with snapshots I may or may not have a full out post about them. I always find it difficult to have to write out a blog about our daily lives, but with snapshots I won't really have to. The pictures do the talking. The theme of these snapshots will be, as I said before, daily life, but they will also consist of little moments I want to remember or just things  that I think will make a cool shot. ;)

As the pioneer post I've come up with about 20 pictures from this week that I want to share. Probably in the weeks to come I'll TRY to post every couple of days so the amount of photos shared won't get out of hand all on one post.

I really think with this project it will help me blog more. I'm not that great with words, but I love photography, and this way, as I said before, the pictures can do the talking.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Cupcakes from Daisy's party. They are just about the best thing I've ever put in my mouth. Thanks Grandmom!
I teach 3 year olds on Wednesday nights at Church. This little guys name is Fluffy.
The view from where I sit. Believe it or not, I didn't make this picture black and white...
Daisy LOVES these. She devoured these two packs in a matter of seconds.
I love when I'm washing dishes and I look down and see these guys. :)
Currently listening to.
This photo was taken on Daisy's first birthday. She loved Santa!

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