While we were in Orlando, I stopped by a tea shop in Downtown Disney and picked up some new tea. Hazelnut Cookie Tea. Mmmmm...it's every bit as good as it sounds. 

After a year and a couple of months of waiting, I was finally able to put Daisy's hair in pigtails the other day. It was precious. She actually sat still long enough for me to do it. I kept telling her how pretty she looked, and we could go look in the mirror when I was finished. That seemed to do the trick. She loves looking in the mirror.

I am loving leopard print right now on clothes and accessories. It's all up in my closet and Daisy's. :)

Paint from Lowe's and curtains from Ikea. Getting ready to get busy on the front room! 

I was wearing these cozy socks today. When Daisy saw them, she wanted to wear them. Maybe her legs were cold? She loved them! In fact, at one point, one of them started sliding off her skinny, little leg, and she started screaming like someone just pinched her. Once I figured out the problem and pulled the sock up, she was fine... 

Oh the joys of having a sweet little dramatic daughter. Bless Johnathan's heart, he has to deal with both of us. :)


  1. I love the pigtails! Miss you like crazy! Give Daisy a hug for me!

  2. Heidi!! I miss you so much! I will give Daisy a hug for you (I'm not just saying that! I really will. You know how sometimes people will say "give so and so a hug /kiss for me" and you're all like "ok" but you don't ever really do it?? Yeah, that won't happen here. :))