Daisy's D.I.Y. Kitchen

Christmas may be over, but I still have sooo much to share from my favorite holiday right here, on this sweet blog.

Since December was so busy for us, I had little time to do much for myself, and that includes blogging. So get ready for more holiday cheer to come!

First up, Daisy's D.I.Y. play kitchen.

This past summer, quite by accident, I found this little beauty on Craigslist for a whopping $40.00. The brand is "Little Colorado," which didn't mean much to me at the time. It was just a good, solid wood kitchen that would last for my children and maybe, someday, even grandchildren. For $40.00, I was sold. (Later, I found  this exact kitchen on the Little Colorado site for $160.00. I know. I'm awesome.)

As you can see, it came with a basic wood finish and basic wood knobs and hardware. Nothing fancy. I'm sure lot's of people take this and do great things with it, just as it is.

But, Johnathan and I are colorful people. So, we couldn't just leave it as it is.

Johnathan's mom purchased Daisy an adorable play tea set (in Colorado of all places!), and it has a sweet color scheme of pink and mint with little roses all over. I based her kitchen colors on the tea set.

First, we taped off around the places we didn't want painted, then primed, and used an adorable mint color for the kitchen.

We added a little chalkboard paint for the backsplash, some fancy new knobs, added some hooks on the sides, and gave the faucet a nice coat of silver spray paint, and...ta da!

I'm so proud of how it turned out, and even more proud of the price we paid for a long-lasting toy!

She has really enjoyed this little guy. :)


  1. This is incredible! I long for a brain that has ideas like this! You are such an awesome person and mom!

  2. Brittany, you are waaay too kind. I think you are pretty awesome yourself! :)

  3. I LOVE IT!!! Looks even better than I had envisioned in my head. You and J always do such creative, awesome work.

  4. It looks really super-neat in the pictures...and even more fabulously creative in person! I'm sure you'll have lots of good food prepared in this chef's kitchen!