It has been about a month now since we moved to Roswell, and we really have not had the chance to get out and see the city. Everything has been really crazy lately. I graduated only days before the big move, and went straight to stressing over a job. After only a couple of weeks I found a job and started right away. I'm not going to lie and say last week (my first week) wasn't hard. But, I made it through and things have only continued to get better after getting to know the ropes more each day. So, with this week being the first real stress free week for me since the move, I finally had the chance to sit back and realize, besides getting to work and home I had no clue where anything was around here. So Johnathan and I did some exploring this week. Lots of exploring.
Now, if you are a restaurant freak and big time shopper like myself then Roswell is the city for you!
We have discovered so many places to shop and eat all less than 10 minutes from our apartment.

Tonight we discovered Northpoint Mall only 6 minutes away! This mall has everything!! I am so used to living in a small town, and having to drive 35 minutes to Douglasville to hit up the most ghetto mall you have ever been to, so this was a real treat for me!
We stumbled upon Gymboree who was having a mega sale on their winter stuff, which was perfect since our little one will be here right when it is getting nice and cold outside!
We found some gender neutral stuff and snatched it up for a whopping $3.15. They are nothing big, but we wanted to wait and hit the store up again for clothes in 3 1/2 weeks once we know what the baby is!

Obviously. Please expect to see this in Christmas cards this year! :)

My favorite thing we bought! Yes, it is a winter hat, and yes, it does look like a panda bear.

These are mittens. You may be thinking boy, but I can totally see a baby girl pulling these off with the right outfit!
If you can't tell I am really proud of these finds and even more proud of how much we spent on them. :)

I also found my new favorite store of all time! H&M. They have the cheapest, cutest clothes ever!
Oh, and did I mention The Cheesecake Factory, California Pizza Kitchen, The Melting Pot, etc., etc., etc. (this list could go on and on) that are 5 minutes away.
I'm telling you, Roswell Georgia is where it is at! I love this town. I just might never leave. :)


  1. Can we go shopping together? We have all the same favorite places! Isn't H&M a dream? And I think I stumbled onto the same sale in Gymboree! Too cool! Congrats on baby! =)
    Kristina J.

  2. tessa! i didn't know you had a blog, nor did i know you were PREGNANT! (this is what happens when you quit facebook in a fit of rage!) anyway, just wanted to stop by and say congratulations. your life looks lovely -- and those baby things are just precious. you're going to have one adorable kid. :)

  3. Tessa,
    I can so relate to the new discoveries. Here in Memphis, TN; every and any thing you could possible want, need, or not is within minutes of our apartment. Growing up in a small town we drove 20-30 minutes to the nearest anything. Now I have discovered that within minutes I can be anywhere I want to be in either direction. My new friends say the nearest Dollar General is 20 minutes away. Hello, that's like really close to me...lol. Anyway, I am so excited that you're loving life and so many exciting things that are going on for you and Jonathan right now. Miss and love you.