Day 2...sort of.

So, I’m not off to such a great start with my 22 Days of Thanksgiving having missed yesterday and all, but I have a perfectly good reason for not posting Day 2. Our dear, dear friend, Tate Williams’ memorial service was yesterday. If you didn't know Tate you missed out on knowing a great person and a wonderful Gospel preacher.
I had the privilege of knowing Tate and watching him grow to be the young Christian man he was. He was only 18, but man, could that boy preach. The memorial service was so sweet. We laughed; we cried; and we were comforted. As was mentioned several times yesterday, yes, this is a time to be sad, but it is also a time to celebrate! Celebrate Tate’s life, but more importantly celebrate his eternal home. He lived for God fully. It wasn't a front or show for him. It was who he was. It is such a wonderful comfort to know, really KNOW, he has reached his goal of Heaven.
With that being said, for my second day of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the hope of Heaven.
 Yes, I know I mentioned this in Day 1, but I feel it is very appropriate for the situation of the day, and it was on my mind more than anything else. I am so thankful God sent His Son to this Earth to live, set a perfect example, and give His body as a perfect sacrifice so that all of mankind can have the opportunity of eternal life with Him. What a beautiful blessing! Something else that was mentioned during the service yesterday was the fact that we can’t bring Tate back, but we can go see him. How true, and only because of this great blessing, the greatest blessing, is this so! So yes, I did mention it in Day 1, but it is definitely something worth repeating.

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