Day 3

For Day 3 of Thanksgiving I am thankful for that sweet, precious, wonderful, darling, funny, itty-bitty person in my life. That’s right. You guessed it!
Did I trick you?? Probably!

But in all seriousness, he comes first! He is my everything. I love him second only to our Creator, so of course he has to be up there on the list! If I could, I would give him the moon, and he would love it!
I recently made a post all about the sweet, mushy stuff I love about him, so I guess I’ll give you a little glimpse into our relationship and tell you how we met. J

It was the very beginning of our freshman year at Faulkner University. We had this week known as Freshman Experience where all the incoming freshman were able to get to know one another and become familiar with college life before everyone else came back and school officially started. I remember all throughout that week I would see Johnathan around. I thought he looked super cool with his hipster self. I just knew he was waaaay too cool for me, but I wanted to be his friend so bad. Every morning all the freshmen would meet in the cafeteria before starting the day and talk about what was on the day's agenda, how everything was going, see if anyone had any questions, and so on.  On one of these mornings I happened to be sitting close to the door and in walks Johnny Boy, late of course. I remember thinking, “I know he is way cool, but I’m going for it!” He was walking toward me, and I looked right into his eyes and said, “Hey!” like a big ol’ nerd. He looked right back into my eyes, straight faced, and kept right on walking like nothing ever happened.

I was a little embarrassed because I had been overly excited in my “Hey!” so I vowed at that moment, like any offended 18-year-old girl, that I would never attempt to make any sort of contact with him again.

That vow lasted for about 3 days. It was Sunday afternoon after lunch, and I was walking back to my room. I walked into the girls' lobby in the dorms, and I heard, “Hey, Tessa!” I looked over, and Johnathan was sitting on the couch by himself, probably waiting for some girl. I remember thinking, “How does he know me?? I must be cool!?” but keeping it together, I replied with a cool, “Hey.” (Not so excited this time.) He told me about a trip he and some friends were taking to the beach that night and asked if I wanted to join them. Long story short, I ended up going, and we ended up hanging out the entire time. It wasn’t until mid-way through our sophomore year that we actually became a couple, but that is another story for another day. J

I am so thankful for this sweet man. He loves me so much and spoils me way more than I deserve. God has truly blessed me! There is no one on this planet I would rather spend my life with.

Thank you Johnathan for making it so easy to be so completely thankful for you.

P.S. He claims to this day he didn’t hear me say "hey" in the cafeteria. I believe him, because he is way too sweet to have ignored me, but it’s still fun to pick on him about it.

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